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“European Youth Employment Network – EYEN” which will be founded via the project will bring together institutions working on youth employment from the EU and candidate countries and will enable institutions and young people to contribute to policymaking, strategy-making and needs determination processes on youth employment. It will also provide youth and institutions with large scale cross-border mobility, international online and offline capacity building programs, forums, networking and access to decision makers.

Outputs & Outcomes

01: Establishing EYEN: it will enable institutions to participate in transnational cooperation, innovation transfer, policy making processes and accessing decision makers.

O2: EU Youth Employment Needs Survey”

O3: Policy Document Booklet on Youth Employment Support Package Ideas and Recommendations for EU Youth”.

O4: EYEN Network Platform: It will provide institutions with a digital infrastructure so that they can do all their activities online free of charge, offer free capacity building training programs to their target audience via the platform, connect with new young people and institutions and work on joint projects simultaneously. EYEN will organize “Online Youth Employment Fair ” through the platform regularly every year.

E1: EYEN Youth Capacity Building Program: The individual competencies of young people who will take an active role and responsibility in running the network will be developed.

E2: EYEN Transnational Large-Scale Exchange Program: Young people will gain experience by participating in a 1-month transnational internship / on-the-job training program in project partner institutions.

E3: European Youth Employment Summit: It will enable the network to reach more institutions and young people across the EU, and it will provide the opportunity for networking and new project partnerships.

A1: Local Youth Employment Workshops: It will to contribute to the production of the O3 output by bringing local stakeholders together with young people.

A2: Online Activities: It will enable institutions and young people to work in the field of youth employment without being affected by the pandemic.

2 – 

The Women in Both Education and Employment Project is a project comprising an innovative training program involving NEET women who are disadvantaged group, exchanging examples of good practice, improving social dialogue and enhancing the quality of the target group in professional terms and enabling them to be employed. On behalf of our country, increasing the number of women in both education and employment is of great importance. As a matter of fact, the Eleventh Development Plan of our country contains articles for women’s participation in education and employment by ensuring equal opportunities. The cooperation between the university, municipality and non-governmental organization involved in the project is also valuable in terms of the cooperation of different actors and their own experiences related to the project by working in coordination.

The project, which includes areas such as gender equality, local ownership, developing cooperation among different actors on the subject, also complies with the relevant sub-issues and requirements of the proposal. The aim of the project is to enable 100 NEET women in the 18-29 age range to increase their participation in the labor force and employability by increasing their qualifications in accordance with the needs of the local labor market.

In this context, 100 women will be given trainings on social skills and professional issues and their capacity will be increased. 10% of these women will be selected from people with disabilities and 5% from who have family members with disabilities at home. At least 40 women will be given long-term internship opportunities. The needs assessments, social skills and vocational training, practical work plans and internship opportunities, employers and employment fairs for unemployed women, the innovative and awareness that gives online training modules, workshops on the development of social dialogue and dissemination of good practice, such as counseling services supportive activities on the target audience will ensure the expected results are achieved.


BIG DATA project aimed to help support the goal of becoming a data driven, innovative and competitive economy, which is amongst the objectives of European Commission, by training the people who would like to work in the field of big data and improve their skills and capabilities.

The following outputs were produced to reach its aim;

1 – Big Data Needs Analysis Survey
2 – Applied Big Data Analytic Learning (ABDL) Module
3 – Interactive Web Module and Learning System
4 – Bigger with Data Network

4 – Global Innovative Leadership Module / KA2 / Youth

Global Innovative Leadership Module (GILM) project believes that one of solutions for the current young unemployment passes through the university or development and training on the ICT based capabilities after graduation. The growing importance of ICT for both business operations and innovation is an opportunity for professionals and youngsters who are e-skilled. These competencies are critical for fostering both jobs created by existing companies through innovation and growth as well as self-created jobs by entrepreneurs (including social entrepreneurs) who leverage technology to create new products, services and business especially for young people.

5 – Reducing Energy Comsumption at Houses and Raising Awareness for Clean Energy Pendik Example Project

Organizational services was provided multiple times within project and training series under the main theme of project was carried out to reach thousands of individulas. The project is funded by Istanbul Development Agency.

6 –
Increasing Sector Focused Women Employment : Pendik Field Work

Thanks to Istanbul Development Agency’s support , coordinatorship of Bahçeşehir University and Pendik Municipality, District Governorship of Pendik, Istanbul Medeniyet University were among partner institutions. In the scope of ‘’Increasing Sector Focused Women Employment : Pendik Field Work’’ project, we provided applied trainings to 103 women on manager assistants positions for following topics;

– Independent Accountinng and Financial Advisory
– Merchandise and Marketing
– Law and Attorneyship
– Project and Construction