Dokuz Eylül University

1 – “DESO Music Career Development Center” Strategic Partnership Project

The project “DESO MUSIC CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTER”, which is prepared based on this issue, aims to produce a career development programme which young people who want to make a career in music in this field become aware of national and international employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in this field, which they can improve their skills, which musician young people and experts from different countries exchange ideas and which can help to create career plans. This programme will be carried out with international participation in Deso Music Career Development Center and it will be the first in Europe. In summits which will be held in the scope of popularization of the project, which will be carried out in partnership with different countries of the EU universities, civil society and private sector representatives, DESO will organize 2 different concerts and also participate in workshops.

2 – Disadvantages Youth’s Education Symphony Orchestra – “DESO+

Disadvantages Youth’s Education Symphony Orchestra – “DESO+” project to be roll out by the DESO-Dokuz Eylül University Symphony Orchestra which continues its activities as one of the most important Symphony Orchestra of the Turkey since 2001 within the body of the 9 Eylül University aims to contribute to the personal developments of the disadvantageous youngsters and have them gain a new vision for future by enhancing their participations to social life with music. While doing so, the objective is to enhance active citizenship, promote social entrepreneurship, enable overcoming the prejudices between the cultures and contribute social development by spreading the inclusive effect of the music between the youngsters. In the scope of this orchestra, ” Basic Music Capabilities Experience” training module will be produced which will be applied in 2 weeks by using unique and the common training methods and innovative music teaching techniques. (Under the leadership of experts) This module teaches youngster with core music information within 2 weeks and 100 hours and enable them to experience a simple musical instrument in a basic manner.

This module will be applied as a pilot implementation in Izmir/Turkey for a term and in Madrid/Spain for a term for two weeks with the participation of the youngsters from different countries of the world.Besides, (a website and application) will be developed for this training to be spread over the wide masses and this module can be applied in different regions of the world by following up the system.The youngsters who join the module will take stage with professional musicians from project partners at the end of the 2 weeks period and experience a concert that they will not forget for their life. At the last phase of the project, there will be held an internationally participated summit (in Izmir) called as “DESO+ and Successes of Youngsters” and innovative training module which is developed with the project will be introduced in this summit and at the same time all the youngsters who join the project will have an concert experience with professional musicians of partners and common country institutions.