GEO – Global Environment Organisation

1 – Different Cultures Maintain the Burdur Lake

The project deals with the increasing importance of water due to the environmental problems that our world faces within a global scale and access to water sources in accordance with climate change, reduction in the amount of water per capita, senseless consumption and water scarcity. We focus on Burdur Lake where have shrunk almost %30 in last 30 years. This situation causes irremediable problems for the lives around Burdur Lake as economically, ecologically and socially. From this point of view, we will implement the Project to raise awareness and put a new viewpoint with 32 young people from 4 different countries 

2 – Heros of the Nature  in IDA !

Environment problem which is one of the main problems of World and Europe is a threatening situation for an unhealthy environment and daily life. Billions of people in World and millions of people in Europe suffer from the same situation. Environment is a human right if we consider the living in healthy environment, the benefit from main nature services are the most natural right.In our country almost any individual has no awareness that they have a right to say something on environmental decisions which concern themselves and to attend the decisions.We encounter many examples in many regions.

With this project named “Heros of the Nature in İda” 32 young from 7 countries will attend to this mobility of youth workers  as a result of using environment as learning means and theme by using participant approach, involvement, and dynamisms of young for this process.As we see in activities, we will try to reach our plans that (NGO Visits, outdoor activities, peer education model, workshops etc.) create awareness, improve international collaboration, inform much more people with multiplier effect, make them more active citizenship, contribute on making hem internalize the learning and learning process by using various methods.

3 – European Earth Network

Protecting of Livable Environment” is the head of the biggest problems of world as supported in reports periodically organized by United Nations. Global warming, unconscious consumption of water resources, false agriculture practices followed by matter of food and the most important one, lack of environmental consciousness threats next generations. “Europe Earth Network – EEN” Project is constituted from point of “operating works by forming local, national and international cooperation about improving environmental consciousness”.

4 – Green Light For Employment

The project named “Green Light for Employment” in order to produce alternative about young unemployment in our country, to provide different employment areas for young people, and to providea leadership for growth and development with respect to nature by depending these employment areas, which will be created, on the base of sustainable development. Our aims in the project are; to create new employment areas for young people in order to reduce young unemployment in our country, and to create new alternative for young people in the employment area by meeting young people with “green career” concept which is rapidly increasing and we will see asbigger employment area. 91 unemployed young people, decision makers, academicians, cso leaders from different places of our country  attent the project which we organize as Global Environment Organization – GEO and partnership of IPEC.

5 – Euromed Our White Sea V

The project named Our White Sea V was organized in Malta in 1-6 July 2013 by Euro-Med Youth Platform with the corporation National Agencies of Cybrus, Malta and Turkey.Within the scope of Europe-Mediterranean corporation on behalf of Turkey, as GEO we attended this activity consisted of seminars, which its aim is to consociate partnership by uniting people who work in similar areas in MEDA countries in the same plaform, in order to discuss the problems of non-governmental organizations and seek for solution, tocelebrate 10th year of Euromed Youth Platform.

6 – Lisinia Nature School

Within project volunteers from different areas of the world and Turkey comes to GEO Sustainable Development Office and have practical teacher education about subjects such as Global Warming, Bio-diversity, Relations of Hazardous Chemicals and Cancer, Lake and Wrong Watering, Organic Agriculture Technics and Dissemination as part of education program formed with  GEO Equip and experts.

And students of primary and high school around country come in periods and get involve in program thanks to volunteer educator. In the end of the program children who got Volunteer Nature Protector certificate are helped to be raised as respectful to their environment throughout their lives.