Hellenic Society for The Protection of Environment


Climate Action Leaders Network (CLEAN) project has prepared under the call European Youth Together 2020 call with coordination of Hellenic Society for the Protection of Environment and partnership of European Development Institute, Global Environment Organization, Associazione Istituto Ecoambientale, Foundation for the Environmental Education, Ecological Future Education and IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Kft.

Climate Action Leaders Network (Clean) aims to create a sustainable youth network for a sustainable, fair and prosperous Europe, by equipping young people between the ages of 18-30 with skills as climate action leaders, enabling them to collaborate and participate in democratic civic life.

The specific objectives of the action are:

-To create a youth network where leaders/youth workers working on climate action for Sustainable Green Europe will share their knowledge and experience, where young people will produce projects that will ensure democratic, social and civic participation, and which will carry out regular online and offline activities across Europe

-To create the Climate Action Leadership (CAL) Training Module, equipped with innovative, non-formal methods and digital tools, focusing on youth empowerment with new skills and their participation in democratic life with online and offline activities

-Completion of 2-week CAL Training by 21 climate leaders /youth workers between the ages of 18-30 from Greece, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Hungary, Denmark and Latvia

-Participation of trained young leaders in the large-scale youth exchange and implementation of the CAL training with 20 young people, in each partner country

-To carry out local 3-day policy reform dialogue activities that will enable young people to produce projects for a green Europe and create a space where they can convey their ideas to decision-makers in each partner country involving 40 youngsters (including disadvantaged)

-Preparation of Policy Recommendation Papers under the headings “Sustainable Cities, Health and Quality Life, Sustainable Agriculture and Food, Education and new curricula for green individuals” and local activities to be carried out

-To enable a total of 100 young people from partner countries to share their policy recommendations, resulting from the local activities they carried out, with EU decision-makers at an international summit in Brussels

The European Green Deal stresses the importance of active participation of European citizens for a fair and inclusive transition. The Clean Network will increase the involvement of young Europeans in climate action policies by conducting international works among civil society, youth and policymakers and will enable them to produce projects with significant results.