Refugees and migration are controversial and polarizing topics across Europe. However, increasing diversity is a reality that brings opportunities and challenges. Instead of deepening the division on the topic, now more than ever, constructive dialogue is essential. Moreover, today (young) refugees are a part of society. To overcome the growing tension in society and to seize opportunities, youngsters have to work together to design the solutions of tomorrow. In order to do so, PeaceCraft 2.0 proposes to involve youngsters in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Turkey and Belgium to engage in co-creation trajectories.

That’s why PeaceCraft 2.0 decided to use the stories of young refugees themselves as a basis to create (1) a game and (2) an interactive theatre play. Youngsters playing the game or being spectactors to the theatre play experience these personal stories. The immersive activity is followed by an active dialogue.

The project aims at addressing different target groups, each with their particular need:

  • First of all, the project aims at giving youth workers the concrete tools to engage in dialogue on the polarizing and controversial topic of refugees and migration.
  • Secondly and at the core of the project itself stand the young people. Together with the respective youth workers both youngster from a refugee and non-refugee background will be brought together in order to connect with each other.
  • Finally, the population as a whole will indirectly benefit from the project. The youngsters will work on social innovative projects aiming at tackling issues that exist in their respective countries related to migration/refugees.