İstanbul Aydın University

International Young Professional School – IYPS

IYPS® is a multi-cultural education programme which provides a chance in national and international areas to students and recent graduates with its specialized education programme developed on the bases of enriching and contemporary practices. It satisfies young people’s needs and aspirations by training sessions delivered by experts, academicians as well as experienced managers, entrepreneurs of the business world. Further, it answers expectations of established companies. Through an advanced online platform and conferences held at 30 different campuses from all districts of Turkey and UK, Italy, France, Spain, Denmark and Germany from Europe, Asia (India) and Middle East (Lebanon), the simultaneous translation methods would enable students to benefit equally from the IYPS opportunities. At the same time, it provides participation to the programme to students from 21 countries and 85 universities that are members of UNIMED (University Association of the Mediterranean) network. Regionally and internationally the program aims to support in total at least 7500 young people. The participants will have the chance to get training, gain experience, put the knowledge into practice with the help of private sector and non-governmental organisations. While being students and recent graduates, they will be involved in or initiate projects by networking with professionals from areas such as youth entrepreneurship, leadership and motivation, management, marketing, talent management and career development. The training methodology is based on generic study matter while at the same time it becomes specific at the case study level and in the different subtopics. The programme avoids parlance that is peculiar to the different knowledge areas and includes concrete and contemporary examples from the real world. Along with the study the IYPS offers elements from the IPEC (IPEC Social, IPEC Research, Creative Projects World (CPW), IPEC Intern, IPECamp). Therefore it allows corporation among the students, even when they are not studying: participating in IPEC and partners’ events and projects, the IYPS participants become part of global movement that changes the world and their own localities.