Istanbul Technical University

1 – Changemakers PRO : The Bridge to Silicon Valley

We will combine Istanbul Technical University’s ( extensive experience on technology with the institutions who have similar experiences in international field from USA and Sweden which are one of the most advanced countries on technologic innovation and entrepreneurship in the world. Also, we will develop an ecosystem to enable youngs to make difference on international scale by promoting them to technologic innovation. Turkey’s first Technology Innovation Center that targets youngs, CBI LAB ‘s facilities settled in ITU campus , will be used actively to support this concept. (CBI LAB : )

2 – “Future Now! – Paraplegic Young People Social Inclusion Programme”

“Future Now! – Technology Based Social Inclusion Center’’ which will be established thanks to this project, is nonesuch in Europe

Two different innovative and unique pilot schemes will be created for people with spinal cord injuries at first, then we will generate feedbacks within project, improve the schemes and implment them in a sustainable way.

3 – Virtual Reality Based Home Strength Training Programme for SCI -“VR PRO SCI”

Virtual Reality(VR) will play a crucial role as a tool that we are going to use actively to contribute in the center’s studies. As coordinator institution,ITU has expert staff and the most advanced equipments about VR in Turkey. VR is a brand new technology worldwide but it has remarkable impacts on treatment of people with spinal cord injuries already.(e.g: (about VR:, about CBI Innovation LAB in ITÜ:

VR PRO SCI: It is a software that conrtibutes to solve physical inactivity problem for  people with spinal cord have so that they can maintain a healthy life. The software will promote patients to proper and useful pyhsical activity and make it fun for them. This software is going to work with a VR glass. Examples with details;

Disabled person will download VR PRO SCI application/ software which is the pysical activity guide specially produced by experts. After that, s/he puts on VR glass and follow instructions in the guide.Suddenly s/he will find himself in a mountain and start practising climbing sport.The person needs to move his/her arms in accordance with instructions. In this way,the person will complete daily muscle exercises that s/he must do.(Special pyhsical activity moves will be designated for each programme created with 3D modelling)

4 – Specialized Non-formal Training Programme for People with spinal cord injuries. A non-formal social inclusion programme will be created and implemented regularlyfor people with spinal cord injuries within project. This programme will keep step with VR PRO SCI programme and it is such as to support. Young disabled people who come together wtihin project will be encouraged to use non- formal methods suhc as; learning to learn, teamwork, cultural activities, learning by doing, brain storming, role playing and etc. so that they can rejoin active social life that they had to get away. This programme will be produced based onsurvey studies conducted with disabled people and  implementation will be led by two non- formal trainers from KIO who are accredited by Turkish NA with all partners’ active participation and support