Marconi University

Free Easy Global Education Project / KA2 / Youth

Lack of infrastructure, qualified academicians, faculty number of educators, regional development disparities in educational institution and individual’s  disadvantages are biggest obstacles at the stage of accessing to quality education. These problems are common problems of all countries across the world. At this stage one of the main goals of Strategic Partnership in Erasmus+  program which will be implemented by EU Commission and includes our country, is to adopt innovative approaches in reaching the target audience, for example presenting more attractive educational and training programs as more compatible to individual’s need and expectations; using participative approach and methodology on the BIT basis; producing innovative or reformed processes in identifying and confirming improvements. The “Free Easy Global Education Project” – project is directly related to exercising educational rights which is a fundamental human right. To this respect, the purpose of our project is to provide educational opportunities to all individuals as equal, accessible, free of charge, time independent, flexible and having a worldwide scope