Mehmet Akif Ersoy University

1 – Easy English For Youth ! / Erasmus + / KA2

The Project aims to produce an easy and effective language learning programme at the basic level which young people who want to learn language from all over the world. Participants who completed the education module within created system will be given a certificate with approved by our project partners organisations and universities which is valid across EU.The system which will be constantly updated during 2 years term will be kept up to date even after the project and it will be become as the biggest online basic language learning platform of Turkey by enlarging the scope.In this respect, an online language learning  educational platform will be created that there will be no example with the same qualities in Turkey.During 2 years project term, 80 different online lesson modules in learning language area will be produced.By this an opportunity to have online language education will be given 30.000 people. At the same these individuals will be able to communicate with each other, learning by speaking with native speakers and educators through this system.During 2 years project term it will be provided that 20 from EU countries and 40 from Turkey different academicians, experts and educators make up an online education module through the system.

2 – International Techno Entrepreneurship Network / KA2 / Youth

3 – Global Entrepreneurship For National Development / KA2 / Youth

Our project discusses subjects such as encouraging entrepreneurship as a result to youth unemployment which is one of the priorities of Erasmus+, participation of the youth, innovation, inclusion, reaching to the disadvantaged. Further, it intersects with priorities of KA2 in many subjects such as improving innovative education methods, developing strategic partnership with private sector and civil society, encouraging innovative entrepreneurship, using ICT-based technologies and creating resources for open education.

4 – Project Cycle Management and Erasmus + Project Writing Training

5 – International Network for Innovative Entrepreneurship

In the 21st century, supporting qualified enterprise and entrepreneurs which is accepted as the first choice at sustainable development of all countries in the world by states is also one the most important goals among our goals for development in  at 2020 EU’s 2020 Strategy (75% employment rate target). In Turkey the rates of entrepreneurship are much lower than targeted levels, especially when compared to developed countries. While rates of entrepreneurship are at levels of 11-1 %, they are at 4,6 % in our country.

Project of International Network for Innovative Entrepreneurship, based on these issues, in a coordination with Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, aim to create network for international entrepreneurship for the youth for the first time in Turkey by bringing institutions experienced in international entrepreneurship together. This network will support the youth and start-ups the youth creates particularly in the subject of technological entrepreneurship, it will provide them to create a difference and contribute worldwide, especially to youth unemployment being at first, to competitiveness, innovation and sustainable development.