Pamukkale University

1 – AITE – Academy Of Techno Entrepreneurship / Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnership Project

2 – Free Easy Global Education Project / KA2 / Youth /

Aim of the project is to create an online education platform which includes professional fields of Information Technologies for the sake of developing educational opportunities as reachable, flexible and eligible for everyone around the world. Universities, institutions, nongovernmental organizations and private corporations will be included from Turkey and Europe to the project that will necessitate a range of mobility and technical work. As a system of continuously updated and its content is expanded, platform is answering on the subject of the need of access to qualified education which is the most important medium for the development of individuals and societies in our day. All training modules that will be presented as a source for the use of everyone will provide the right to have equal education for all segments of society.

3 – EQAVET System For Recognition, Validation and Certification of Solar Panel System Specialists / KA2 / Vocational Training

The main energy source of the Earth is the Sun. The energy quantity received from the Sun to the Earth in a day is about 15.000 times of the daily energy consumption. This number reveals the importance of solar energy for the Earth. European Renewable Energy Council[9] (EREC) has been a factor in the proposal that the EU should meet 20 % of its energy need by renewable energy resources as of 2020. At the end of 2012, 80 % of the total installed photovoltaic power in the world is in the EU.

The aim of our project is to create a certification system and innovative training program in terms of installation, testing and conceptualizing the project of “Photovotaic Batteries (solar panels) using ICT tools” in collaboration with international universities and private sector institutions experienced in this field in order to be applied in Clean Energy House ( within PAÜ. These program and system will include ECVET recognition of the learning outcomes and the application of a related innovative EQAVET system. Thanks to this program, students and occupational professionals will master on this subject also indivudals will be provided to gain qualification in this area where qualified personnel is so few if any and therefore where they are highly valuable. Also, conceptualization of solar panels, installation and testing will be standardized by creating a certification system in this respect and low efficiency caused by technical failures revealed in problem analysis, dangers of security of life and property, loss of time, and high cost will be prevented. It is among the aims of our project that the program is incorpareted as an elective course into our university and partner universities and along with that it is popularized as completely open source via the interactive internet portal that will be ceated. The target audience of our project is the students and occupational professionals of electric-electronic technician and engineering.